Souvenirs from the WordCamp Europe 2017 Video Team

Posted on June 18th, 2017
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57. That is the total of videos produced by our team during WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris. I guess we can say that the first “Video Team” ever created to cover a WordCamp was quite productive!

My role was to capture funny 1-minute videos from the attendees and post them on the Twitter account of the event. I was going around asking people questions such as: “if Wapuu could talk, what would he say?” As you can imagine, I had some funny answers…


Besides of this, the other members of the team, Florian, Robert and Miriam from VINUBIS, and Carlos, also produced videos about volunteers, contributor day and summary videos to be published on the WordCamp Europe website and social media.


It was a lot of hard work and we spent long hours in the media room, in front of our computers.


Lunch breaks were the only chance I had to take some fresh air and catch up with friends. I could sat down with my friend Marianna and met her colleagues, from thecore, for first time.


#wceu2017 lunch time

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That was my opportunity to thank them again to sponsor my blog, by hosting it for free.

There are many other friends I would have loved to hang out with, but with close to 2,000 attendees, it was difficult to actually see everybody. Thank god, I could catch up with the lovely Wapuu who came to Paris, this year, holding a glass of wine and a baguette. However, I had to tell him to stop drinking and eating so much because it strikes me he gained a little bit of weight since last year in Vienna. Maybe my friends from PixelRockStar, fed him too much. Anyway, he told me he was going to Serbia now, so I will see him again at WordCamp Europe 2018 in Belgrade. I hope he’ll do a little diet until then.


After three intense days of volunteering I was feeling quite tired, but my fatigue was gone as soon as I came up on stage with my fellow volunteers during the closing remarks. It felt so good to see so many happy faces, clapping at us, greeting us for our hard work.



After the “Apero” with my friends from Association WordPress Paris, I was ready to go to the after-party and definitively end the event. Until next year…


See you all in Belgrade in 2018!

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